Conservatory Window Tinting

Window Tints Vs. Blinds

Tinting the windows in your home will provide you with a vast number of benefits, such as privacy, lower cost, heat moderation and much more. Using tints will improve your home and give you a sense of security.

Privacy Window Film

Tinting the windows in your home will allow for an extra level of privacy. Phantom Tinting’s privacy window film in Kent ensures that your home will be privatised and provide you with the comfort of knowing that people can’t see in.

Cheaper Alternative

From tinting your windows, you won’t have to splash out on blinds and then worry about replacing them. You can relax knowing window tinting is an investment and will continue to provide you with benefits in the future.

Moderates Heat

Using solar film will allow for a heat moderated room. The film will maintain an average room temperature and mean that you won’t have to pay the excessive costs for heating or air conditioning. Phantom’s solar film installation in Kent will assist with heat moderating.

Less Hassle

Tinting your windows will reduce the hassle in your home. Having your windows tinted means there are no blinds resulting in increased safety for children and pets.

Reduced Glare

The tinted film has been produced to allow for anti-glare. On sunny days the sunlight that enters the room will be reduced, and ensure that your eyes aren’t strained from squinting nor will it reflect off of any shiny surfaces.

Quicker Installation Time

Tinting windows is significantly a quicker process than installing a blind. Putting the tint on the windows can take from 45 minutes to an hour, however installing a blind can take double the time due to having to measure and adjust the blind and further connecting it to the wall – not to mention manufacturing time.  

Longer Lasting

Window tint is known to last for about 10 years, in some cases, it can last longer. This instantly puts it ahead of a blind as blinds need to be replaced about every 6/7 years.

Don’t Need to Clean

Tinted windows do not need to be cleaned as regularly as a blind. Blinds will need to be taken down and washed with a special solution, whereas you can simply wipe down the windows.


If you feel that these benefits can assist you, get in touch with us today to discuss window film in Kent.