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Window Tinting and The Law

Tinting your car windows looks cool and offers a vast amount of benefits. It gives you an increased amount of privacy, security and safety due to it reducing glare and the temperature inside your car. Vehicle window tinting in Kent are professionals at applying tint to windows and will ensure it is done to the legal level.


If you’re getting or have tinted windows, then there are some restrictions that you must take into account.


The law requires that the windscreen must let through 75% of the light, however for cars used before the 1st April 1985, they must let through 70% of light. The front side windows must also let through 70% of light. This is to ensure that you have clear visibility when you’re driving, especially when driving at night. In bad weather conditions the available light decreases and with dark tints it makes the visibility even worse, which can be dangerous. Driving at night with dark tinted windows is the most dangerous time as there is limited light and the dark window tint will reduce the light that is available.       


Having your front windows tinted also makes it more difficult for cameras to see you. These cameras could include things such as speed cameras, CCTV cameras and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Cameras need to be able to see the driver for legal purposes. For example, you may share a car and insurance with someone and if you’re caught speeding by a camera. It needs to be able to identify the driver so that the fine and the points go on to the right license.    


If you are caught with too much tint on the windscreen and the front side windows, it can have serious repercussions. Not only is it incredibly dangerous but it is also very irresponsible as it puts your life and others’ lives at risk. You may receive a prohibition notice which will require you to stop you using your car until you’ve had the extra tint removed. Evidence of this must be supplied to prove that you have done as requested. In more severe cases, you may receive a penalty notice which could further result in a court summons.


If you have your car windows tinted to a legal level, then you need to inform the insurance company as this counts as an alteration to your vehicle. Should you fail to do this, then it can lead to any future claims being invalidated.

If you want to get your car windows tinted legally, then window tinting in Kent will professionally apply the tint and give your vehicle an increased level of privacy and a sleeker look.