Safety & Security Film

Safety and security film offers an increased level of privacy and protection of your home, office or shop. The film has special properties that enable it to strengthen the glass and make the windows harder to penetrate.

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There are many benefits to this specialist film, such as:

  • Deter Theft
  • Improve Shatter Resistance
  • Lessen Accidental Damage
  • Protect Windows From Weathering
  • Reflect Heat
  • Block UV Rays

Solar Safety & Security Film

Solar safety & security film has been made using an advanced formula to strengthen the glass. As well as this, it’s solar properties allow it to block UV rays and moderate the temperatures of a room by reducing the heat. Thus making your home safer and more comfortable to live in.

These films are the perfect option for homes, offices, shops and other commercial buildings. With the film moderating heat and providing additional security, you will find that you save money on electrical bills and your security is significantly increased.

Clear Safety & Security Film

The clear safety and security film offers plenty of benefits to you and your windows. Due to its design, the film strengthens the windows and improves shatter resistance. As a result of this, a property is considerably more secure because of its ability to reject damage – whether this damage is accidental, weather-related, or forced by criminals.

To support this, the clear film appears invisible to passersby; making it even more secure and protected. Its invisible ability allows the building to remain aesthetically pleasing as the film can’t be seen or easily detected.


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Types Of Solar Window Film

Are you looking for a window film solution for your home or the office? Take a look at solar window film. It holds many benefits for types of windows and buildings. To give you more information, we have prepared a list of the different types of solar window film in London that are available.


All types of solar window film hold the benefits of:

  • Heat Reflection
  • Reduced Fading To Furnishings
  • Energy Saving
  • Glare Reduction
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Indoor Comfort Is Increased

Reflective Window Film

With reflective window film, you will be able to dramatically improve the level of comfort inside your home or office. The film has specialist properties that enable it to offer a high level of heat, glare and UV control to constantly moderate the temperature of a room.

The reflective technology is used on two sides of the glass and gives it a modern, uniform look.

Dual-Reflective Window Film

The dual-reflective window film has unique elements to it that allow it to block heat and keep the inside area a moderate temperature. The film has a mirrored exterior side and a subtle interior side. Due to this, the film is able to block 99% of UV rays, reduce heat and keep in the cool air. As well as this, the style of the film allows you to see clearly through the windows during both day & night, it also allows the house to look modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Harmony Window Film

Harmony window film is cleverly designed to make your home or working life easier. With its premium combination of proprietary metals and nano-ceramic technology, the film is designed to ease sunlight and glare inside buildings. With the films advanced properties, it helps to remove hot spots, strongly reduce glare and eye strain, and similarly to other solar films, it removes the UV rays.

These films are great for an office as it will allow office workers to focus and concentrate on work without straining their eyes. For this same reason, these films are perfect for homes – allowing you to relax.

Ceramic Window Film

Similarly to the harmony window film, the ceramic window film harnesses the nano-ceramic technology. Now, instantly you might ask yourself ‘how can you have a ceramic window film?’. The answer is simple, during the manufacturing process, a whisper-thin layer of ceramic (metal free) is applied to the film. This type of film is excellent for coastal homes as it has resistance from salt corrosion.

Neutral Window Film

The neutral window film isn’t very reflective due to its neutral nature, however, it is well equipped to moderate room temperatures. The neutral film allows sunlight to stream through windows completely naturally, therefore you won’t lose any daylight. However, in doing this, the film blocks UV rays, reduces heat and moderates the temperature indoors to allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Low-E Window Film

Low-E window films are perfect for all weather conditions. This special film has been designed to have heat-rejecting properties as well as insulative properties. As a result, of this, the film will keep rooms cool in the warmer months and warm in the cold months. The energy saving Low-E window film will reduce energy and heat bills, allowing you to not only live more comfortably but to live more economically.


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Features Of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is an excellent addition to any room whether it’s at home or in the office. The film can be designed to your requirements to ensure that it fully encapsulates your vision.

Below we have prepared some benefits/features of decorative window film to further inform you. If you are keen to find out more, contact window film in London today.

Elevate Interior Design

Decorative window film can elevate interior design and bring a room to life. At home, these films are popular in bathrooms for either the windows or the glass walls of the shower. Rather than just having a frosted film on the windows or glass, the decorative film provides additional beauty and offers designs suited to you.

Create More Privacy

More privacy is provided by the film. By restricting how well people can see through the glass, you will find you gain a greater sense of privacy and quiet. The decorative film can be strategically placed to ensure that it offers privacy. This is perfect for the office as it removes distractions and allows you to fully concentrate.

Hide Unsightly Views

Perhaps you have some unappealing views when you look out your windows? Decorative window film will block these views, similarly to frosted window film. However, it will give you something aesthetically pleasing to look at instead.

Diffuse Harsh Light

Do you have a room that is exposed to plenty of bright lights? If so, it may be worth looking to getting a decorative window film in London. In a workspace, bright light can cause many difficulties in being able to complete your work adequately. This film looks excellent in a workspace and will diffuse the amount of light that shines through the window, but keeping plenty to light the room.

Easy Design Changes

If you get bored with the design, there is no need to worry. This film can be easily removed and applied. Therefore any design changes are easy and quick to do. As a result of this, you will always be able to have a design that harnesses your vision.


Types Of Window Film For Your Home

As homeowners, we continuously try to find ways to further improve it. Using window film in your home can be a great benefit for many reasons. There are many types of film that can be of use in your home. Window film in London are specialists in the application of a range of window films.

Find out more on the types of window film for your home below.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative film can really allow you to transform a room and subtly give it some personality. This type of film is typically used in bathrooms as a form of privacy. However, it is also greatly used in centre rooms of homes such as living rooms and it is even used in offices.

There are many benefits of decorative window film. The film can elevate interior design, offer more privacy, diffuse harsh light, and make design changes easy. The film can be designed and cut to suit your needs; thus ensuring you get the look you are after.  

Here are some of the types of decorative window film you could get:

  • Frost Decorative
  • Gradient Decorative
  • Pattern Decorative
  • Texture Decorative
  • Specialty Decorative


Solar Window Film

Solar window film is excellent for home improvement. The films are specially designed to moderate heat, help reduce fading and save energy.

By using solar window film, you are able to keep your home bright and well-lit, whilst being able to rest easy knowing the film is reflecting away any harsh UV rays, heat & glare and noticeably protecting your furnishings.

These specialist films will give your home the opportunity to remain open and bright while efficiently moderating the room temperature.

Here are some of the types of solar window film you could get:

  • Reflective Film
  • Dual-Reflective Film
  • Harmony Film
  • Ceramic Film
  • Neutral Film
  • Low-E Film


Safety & Security Window Film

Many homeowners are looking to improve the safety and security of their home. A very effective and simple way to increase safety is by having window film used on the windows.

The film is thin and clear making it difficult to notice and practically undetectable. Safety & security window film will assist in protecting you against break-ins, vandalism, accidents and weathering.  

There are many benefits to this type of film. It will help deter theft, improve shatter resistance, lessen accidental damage, help protect windows from windborne debris, reflect heat and block UV rays.

Here are the types of safety & security film you could get:

  • Solar Safety & Security
  • Clear Safety & Security


If you are interested in getting window film for your home, then get in touch with window film in London for more information.

Cleaning Your Car’s Tinted Windows

Cleaning your tinted windows isn’t much different to cleaning windows that aren’t tinted. The main difference is the cleaning products and some of the equipment used. Some products can lessen the darkness of the tint, so be careful which ones you use.

If you’re looking to get your windows tinted, window tint in Kent will give your windows a new look, offering you more privacy and security with your car.


Cleaning windows isn’t a particularly strenuous task; however, tinted windows need to be washed slightly differently.

More often than not window tint is applied on the inside of the window. As a result of this, cleaning the outside of the window isn’t a problem as it will be the same as cleaning any other window. Nonetheless, try to use ammonia-free products, so you don’t risk destroying any of the tints. The ammonia in the solution can begin to dissolve the darkness of the tint. This will reduce the lifespan and eventually render it useless.


Cleaning the Outside

When cleaning the outside of your car windows, you want to first start by removing any bits of dirt such as dust, leaves or bits of dried mud. Using a soft brush, simply brush away dirt off the windows. From doing this, it will reduce the likelihood of the dirt scratching the glass when you start the cleaning process.

After doing this grab a bucket of warm soapy water. The soap will work through the dirt on the windows to allow them to shine and sparkle like they did when they were new. Rinse the soap off the windows with some water and then with a squeegee or a leather shammy, wipe the water away to reduce the risk of streaks.

Should you want to, you can also apply a special window wax to the windows. This will give them extra protection and allow dirt to roll straight off the window rather than sticking.


Cleaning the Inside

Cleaning the inside of the windows requires far less equipment than cleaning the outside. For the inside of the windows, you want to be careful of the upholstery in the car and the tint on the windows. As tint is commonly applied on the inside of the windows, make sure you have tint-friendly window cleaners.

With a microfibre cloth and the ammonia-free cleaner, wipe the inside of the windows thoroughly to remove any grease or dirt. Be careful around the edges of the tint. If the cleaning solution gets under the tint it can leave air bubbles.


If you don’t have your car windows tinted but want them done, then vehicle window tinting in Kent have experts who will apply the tint to your car without a hassle.

Can Window Tint Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter?

Window tint is filled with benefits for you, your home and even your car. So, the real question is: Can window tint keep your home warm in the winter? The answer is simple, it will depend on the type of film you get. Each type is individual and comes with its advantages.

Window film is suitable for conservatories as the temperature often fluctuates based on the season. The film will help keep your conservatory a moderate temperature, and conservatory window film in London will apply the film to your conservatory without a hassle.


Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Films

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) films are recommended for all year round. They will keep your home cool in summer and will keep it warm in winter. These low-emissivity films work by allowing in light but blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays. They are known to reflect around 70% of solar heat gain in the summer but will retain about 50% of interior heat during colder months.

Solar Window Film

Solar window film lets the light in, but it will block out infrared rays. This means that it reflects the rays away from the home to keep it cool in the summer. During winter we want these rays to keep your home warm. So, instead of letting the rays in it traps the warm air that’s already in your home. Often warm air can escape through windows, but the tint will stop this from happening. Using this film won’t be much more economically friendly as you will still be required to heat your home; however, the film will keep this heat in meaning your home is warmer for longer. Solar window film in London will professionally apply this film to your windows and allow you to have a nice warm home during winter months.

Easy Application

The initial application of window tint is relatively easy and isn’t overly expensive. Window tint lasts about five years, however, if well maintained it can last up to ten years.

If at any point you want the tint removed, the removal is just as easy as the application and won’t cause any problems with your windows as it just peels off.

6 Types of Window Coverings

Are you looking for more privacy in your home? There are a couple of ways that you can achieve this! Window tinting in Kent have professionals who will apply tint to your windows to give you more privacy and offer you a cheaper alternative to blinds.


Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds fit in both modern and traditional homes. Wood blinds are slats of wood that have been strung together forming a blind. They offer a relaxing and calm vibe as they fill the room with a warm orange colour as the sun beams through the blind. They will give you an increased amount of privacy and give you the ability to control the amount of light entering a room.



Shutters are quite a modern design and will add a subtle but effective touch to your room. Their light colours will reduce the amount of heat entering the room giving you the opportunity to control the temperature. Shutters are also good at acting as an insulator to protect you against the cold.    



Curtains are the most common form of window covering as they are adaptable to every room. Curtains come in different materials and styles offering you the optimum opportunity to decorate the rooms in your home as you want. They are an excellent insulator and will give the room with some personality.  


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are perfect for any room, however, are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Due to their design, they can offer you a great deal of privacy while also being able to be rolled out of the way to the top of the window. This stops them getting dirty in the kitchen and will allow more light in during the day.


Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are very similar to roller blinds the only difference is they don’t roll to the top of the window; instead, they fold up! These blinds are suitable for rooms such as the den/office due to them offering a bit of professionalism.


Window Tint

Window tint/film is the cheapest and most effective cover for a window. The tint comes in different types, therefore, making it adaptable to each room. You can have frosted film, window tint or solar window film.

Solar window film is one of the best tints to have on your windows in your home. It moderates the temperature of a room and will also reduce the number of ultraviolet rays. Solar window film in Kent will apply the film to your windows offering you more privacy and allowing you to feel safer and more comfortable at home.

Removing Window Tint

Removing window tint is just as easy as applying it. There are many ways to remove tint however if you don’t want to remove it yourself, you can get a garage to do it for you.

If you’ve had your window tint removed and want more put back on then vehicle window tinting in Kent will professionally apply it without a hassle.


Removing Tint With Ammonia

Ammonia is dangerous and needs to be treated with respect when being used. When you use it, ensure that you wear a face mask to avoid breathing it in. Also cover vulnerable areas of your car, such as speakers and upholstery.

Using ammonia to remove tint is commonly known as the bag method. You’ll be required to cut a couple of bin bags to the shape of your window. Then, spray the outside of the window with soapy water and place a bin bag on it and smooth it down. Once the vulnerable parts of the car have been covered and you’re wearing a face mask, spray the tint on the inside of the window with ammonia, then place the other bin bag on it while it’s wet.

Leave it in the sun for a few hours to allow the heat to be absorbed and then peel the tint away from one corner while keeping it moist with ammonia. Once finished gently wash down the window.


Removing Tint With a Steamer

This is one of the best ways to remove window tint. The steamer melts away the glue from the tint which allows it to be easier to pull off the window.

The method to this is simple and allows you to remove your window tint without hassle. From the inside of the car window, you’ll need to put the steamer on a corner of the tint until you’re able to peel it away. Peel slowly and ensure that you are also applying steam to the area ahead of where you’re peeling.

Once you have peeled off the tint, wash down the window with warm soapy water to ensure all the adhesive has been removed.


Removing Tint With a Heat Gun

Using a heat gun is very similar to using a steamer. You can either use an actual heat gun or a very powerful hair dryer. The process is the same as the steamer, simply apply heat to a corner of the window tint and then start peeling slowly. If there is any adhesive left on the window, gently wash it off with warm soapy water.


Window tinting isn’t just for cars! Window film in Kent will also professionally apply a film to your home or office.

Best Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

For most of us, our home is our haven! Keeping it secure and ensuring that it is safe is the top priority. Your home will hold your memories and be a comfort zone for you and your family. Take extra measures in ensuring your home is safe by tinting your windows. Window film in London will tint your windows and have it applied professionally with no hassle.


Light Timers

Light timers are very underrated. Their purpose is to turn your lights on and off at certain times that will have been set by you. These are excellent for when you go on holiday, and your house is empty for a period of time. The light timers will make it look like your house is active and people are home. By making your home look active, no one will try and break in because they will be lead to believe that someone is home.


Stop People Seeing In

The tint on the windows will stop people seeing in, and if they can’t see in, then they will be more inclined just to walk passed it. Most burglaries occur because people have expensive appliances on show in their homes. Reducing the ability for people to see what appliances you have will lessen the risk of burglaries and make your home much safer. Privacy window film in London will give your home the privacy you want and will largely reduce how much people see in.  


Put Money Away

Don’t leave money lying around on work surfaces. This is a similar concept to people being able to see expensive products. If someone saw money in your home, there is a high chance that they would find a way to get that money. To avoid someone trying to get in your house remember to put your money away when you go out.


Multiple Locks

Every home has a regular mortise lock that is only locked and unlocked with a particular key. These are safe however some people can pick locks which can make your home less safe. Add extra locks to your doors and gates to ensure further protection. These can be bolts, lever handle locks or deadlocks. These additional locks will make your home more secure and offer more protection for you and your family.


Types of Window Film

Whether it’s car windows, house windows or business building windows, there is a film for it. Window tinting in Kent offers a professional service in applying film or tint to your windows. Having film added to windows not only increases your privacy but each film has its qualities that make it desirable to have. Frosted windows are good for business offices, solar window film for homes and window tint for cars.    


Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is an opaque film that restricts who can see through the windows. Its purpose is to offer you more privacy and will reduce the amount of light entering the room. As a result of having the light decreased it will lessen the amount of glare too. Less light will mean that there is no light to reflect off of shiny surfaces such as a computer screen or a desktop. This is extremely useful in an office environment. Trying to work with glare in the office is very challenging and can result in headaches and your eyes straining. Frosted window film will reduce this risk and employees will work efficiently. The film is also good for the privacy of businesses. It will prevent anyone seeing in and taking business ideas.


Solar Window Film

Solar window film moderates the temperature of the room further reducing the UV rays that could enter the room. This is particularly useful in summer as the film will block 99% of the ultraviolet rays and 86% of the heat. Solar window film in Kent will apply the film to your windows ensuring that you are protected from the UV rays. Solar film is used predominantly in homes, particularly on conservatory windows. They are favoured for homes as it will allow you to save money on energy bills, keep your home cooler during summer and will protect you and your children from the ultraviolet rays.    


Window Tint

Tinting windows is an excellent way of increasing your privacy in your car or even in your home.

Window tinting is more commonly used on cars for increased security and privacy. With tinted windows, it means that people won’t be able to see into the car, therefore, lowering the chance of break ins. Window tinting in Kent will tint your windows whether they’re on your vehicle or your home, the tint will be applied smoothly and with a great deal of care. The tint on your car windows will reduce the heat in your car too. By blocking out some of the heat from the sun, it will allow you will feel more comfortable and more concentrated. Again, the tint will reduce glare, making your driving much safer.