Professional Window Tinting Kent


Here at Phantom Tinting, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and customer satisfaction. We aim to ensure that all of our clients receive the highest quality of install are happy with the end results. Window tinting kent is a passion that we have had for a long time. Whether you’re looking for car window tinting, conservatory window tinting or commercial window tinting, we guarantee that all tasks given are completed to the highest standard.

Since 2007, we have built up an outstanding reputation for quality at the top of our interests. We are so confident in our capabilities, we offer up to a 12 year guarantee for commercial and conservatory window tinting. If you think that is impressive, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all car window tinting

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Vehicle Window Tinting


As far as car or vehicles are concerned, we don’t just tint windows! We also offer headlight tinting and paint protection film. If you’re looking for a slick, stealth look, see how much we can assist in improving the look of your motor.

All cars have different shaped and sized windows. Due to this, each film has to be carefully prepared in a clean and controlled environment. The windows are then prepared and cleaned down to a microscopic level to ensure that there are no bubbles or flaws in the finish of the film.


Conservatory Window Tinting


What is the need for conservatory window tinting? A popular addition to a new home is a conservatory. Typically, it gets to a point where the beauty of a conservatory is spoiled by the constant heat – especially in the summer. One option that you may wish to consider is window tinting. This doesn’t only offer a reduction in heat, but also offers protection against harmful ultraviolet rays amongst other brilliant benefits. Window film also offers great value for money compared to the cost of blinds.


Commercial Window Tinting


Window film in London and Kent is offered by Phantom Tinting. Each and every building is different, but there are a number of common problems when it comes to glazing. Window film can address many issues that arise from glazing.

Heat can be magnified by glass, quickly making premises uncomfortable for employees. An application of window film is an effective and cost efficient way to stop your building becoming too hot and reducing glare. Privacy is also required throughout commercial buildings and offices for a variety of reasons. Window film can provide both one-way and two-way privacy.